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The Myrtle Sisters

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About The Myrtle Sisters


The Myrtle Sisters, featuring Candice Roberts, Nayana Fielkov, and Kat Single-Dain, are a trio of east Vancouver performers delighting audiences of all ages with their harmonies, twinkling-tap numbers and family antics! They’ve been showcasing a clowning, vaudeville and dance menagerie of musical calamity for over 10 years in a variety of venues. Expect plenty of charm and shenanigans along with their original and historic songs and dances. The music stands on its own, but their onstage family antics, tap stylings and wild tunes are not to be missed.

Show Descriptions

Same Same Different (New School Show)

The Myrtle Sisters had always dressed, sang, danced, talked and even eaten the same. They could hardly tell themselves apart until one day through a hilarious and unexpected series of calamities their secret uniqueness was revealed! Can they keep these oddities from one another? Will they still be part of the trio if their differences are discovered?


Same Same Different is a three part harmony, tap and swing dance spectacle about self-expression and celebrating differences. Through original and historic live music and dance, The Myrtle Sisters embrace their individuality and learn to work together. Expect plenty of charm, shenanigans, surprises and mishaps in this outrageously fun and insightful experience. 


Come along for this silly, heartfelt, musical journey where we discover we can be our unique selves and still belong.

Grade suitability: K-12

Duration: 45 min + Q&A

Tech requirements: Artists provide own sound equipment. Requires stage or space on gym floor.

Out of Time (Theatre Show)

The Myrtle Sisters have just arrived from 1921 via a time machine! They were traveling about, collecting, learning and sharing historical songs and dance hits from the 20’s, 30s and 40s when something went wrong! Can the time machine be fixed?

Since they’ve never been this far in the future, the sisters decide to perform their numbers and collect their data. In an artistic exchange with the audience of the millennium they trade dance crazes such as the Charleston and the Shim-sham for ones from the current times.

In a story of independence and togetherness, the sisters learn that they don’t always have to agree, but that they are stronger when they support each other. Will the Myrtle Sister’s ever learn to get along? Can the audience help them harmonize once again and get back to 1919?

The Myrtle Sisters Revue (Festival Show)

Imagine Carol Burnett in tap shoes, meets the Boswell Sisters on the muppet show!

This high-paced vaudeville extravaganza is a blaze with three-part harmonies, headstands in fish bowls, pies in faces, slapstick mayhem and a whole lotta charm.

Comedic theatrical performers Candice Roberts, Nayana Fielkov, and Kat Single-Dain from Vancouver, are a real sisters trio from different parents. For a decade, these sisters have been charming their way into the hearts of folks of all ages. Expect shenanigans, original and historic songs and dances, family antics, and a swingin’ good time.

The Can Do's (Roving Act)

Join the band! The Can-Do’s are an alter-ego troupe of the Myrtle Sisters and they will not be missed!  They hand out chopsticks and invite you to cacophonously clang away on their tin-can skirts!  People of all ages delightfully jam along while the sisters sing and you ting and tang.





 “The Myrtle Sister’s are a real-life version of the Triplets of Belleville. The action, which includes of slow-motion pie fights and fishbowl headstands, is nothing less than inspired insanity.”

Orlando Weekly, Orlando, FL 


”This show opens young eyes and spirits to the world of self expression, growth mindset, following one's heart, 1920's history, clowning, many music forms and copious amounts of creativity”
- Marie Whimbey, Wolf School

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