Kung Jaadee (Roberta Kennedy) is a Haida storyteller, singer, drummer and author, from Haida Gwaii who is now based in Vancouver. Her Haida name was presented to her at her great uncle’s memorial feast by her cousin, Crystal Robinson, and means ‘Moon Woman.’ Over the past 25 years, she has performed traditional Raven legends and personal stories as a professional storyteller, performing at hundreds of festivals, schools, museums, Aboriginal celebrations, universities, colleges and conferences across Canada. For several years, she taught Xaad Kil, the Haida language, to the Old Masset Village Council and at Chief Matthews School and the Haida Health Centre in Gaw Tlagee, Old Masset, where she was born and raised. Kung Jaadee has published two children's book, Raven's Feast and Gifts from Raven with Medicine Wheel Education, in addition to a K-2 curriculum book called Haida Nation: Indigenous Communities in Canada.

Haida storytelling performances

Haida stories tell of a time when the animals were people like us: the people of the air, the people of the water, the four-legged people. Humans were simply the two-legged people. The others were our brothers and sisters. They taught us how to live and be true haada-laas (good people). We survived because of their teachings.


Kung Jaadee’s stories stretch from before the beginning of time to the present day. She takes her audiences on this journey from the past to the present. It is a safe journey, and usually a fun one, using humour as much as possible with a reminder that laughter is healing. Tears are also healing, and some stories evoke these as well. 


Depending on the occasion, she can perform stories about Raven creating our world; stealing the light; getting salmon; bringing fire; meeting Salmon Woman; discovering other worlds; creating the first people; and having a feast. She has several stories on other topics ranging from powerful women to a fisherman and a whale.


She uses her rattle, drum, and songs to enhance her stories, usually alternating by telling a story, then singing a song. She also performs wearing her traditional Haida button robe and cedar hat, while also teaching Haida words and sharing some of the history and culture of the Haida people.


Raven’s Feast School Performance 

Haida storyteller Kung Jaadee shares her published story, Raven’s Feast, and shares the teachings that go along with it: each of us has a gift to share with the world, and we should also learn to love ourselves. She uses her rattle, drum, and songs to enhance her stories, usually alternating by telling a story, then singing a song. She also wears her traditional Haida button robe and cedar hat and teaches students some Haida words along with some interesting history and culture of the Haida people.

Grade Suitability: K - 12

Duration: 55 - 60 mins.

Capacity: 500+


About the book 

After the Raven (Yaahl) had finished creating the world; he realized that he was lonely. So he invited the whole world to join him in Haida Gwaii for the greatest feast you could ever imagine. At the end of the Feast each person, from all 4 sacred directions, was given a special gift that would change their lives forever! Order the book here.




“...balm for the soul, enthralling, highly recommended...”

—Montreal Gazette

“Raven causes magic...[Kung Jaadee's] compelling delivery keeps her audience enraptured with these magical tales...a wonderful show, and perfect for two-leggeds of all ages.”


“Four Stars. Kung Jaadee's voice is well practised, an authoritative tone of high seriousness that she betrays with a whimsical grin, perfect for telling stories. She has the kind of voice that makes you want to curl up by the fire and learn, eyes up to the heavens looking for Raven overhead.”

—Saskatoon Star-Phoenix

“[Kung Jaadee] creates beautiful scenes in the imaginations of listeners young and old about a time when the animals were mankind's teachers.”

—Winnipeg Free Press

“I highly recommend this experience to everyone. The audience I was part of spanned at least six decades, and Kung Jaadee kept us all rapt.”

—The Jenny Revue, Winnipeg

“You were awesome at school today. You have an awesome singing voice, very talented. Thank you for sharing your rich culture with us. We are truly blessed for the opportunity to listen to your stories.”

—Cissy, Teacher

“Kung Jaadee is a compelling storyteller. Her performance weaves together traditional Haida stories, songs, and contemporary Haida life. She will introduce you to a magnificent culture that has survived difficult times and is now being restored to its rightful place. You'll laugh with her, you might cry a little bit, and you will come away with a deeper understanding of the power of art, myth and tradition.”

—Izabella Laba


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