PENNY POM POM: children’s music

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Singer-songwriter and visual artist Jessica Mai has always had a passion for singing, dancing, drawing, painting, performing and most of all, playing pretend. A graduate of the Langley Fine Arts School, she also studied theatre at Douglas College. Over the years, Jessica has taught art for children at 4Cats Arts Studio and Richmond Cultural Centre and musical theatre at Cast and Crew in Maple Ridge. She grew up loving entertainers like Mr. Dress Up, Mr. Rogers, Fred Penner, Lunette the Clown and Charlotte Diamond. So, in 2019, Jessica decided to create her own children’s character, Penny Pom Pom, as the perfect way to combine her love for music, theatre, art and children. She hopes to inspire kids to use their imaginations and get creative on a daily basis. Jessica is very passionate about play and wants to encourage children (and grown ups!) to make up their own games, worlds, characters and even songs by using a more traditional approach to entertainment. Penny Pom Pom represents the artistic child that lives inside us all. She encourages the young and reminds the old how to use their imaginations and believe in their abilities!

Show description

Meet Penny Pom Pom, a colourful ball of energy who embodies creative confidence and artistic freedom. Her multi-media show for young children is colourful, musical and interactive and focuses on the importance of creativity and self empowerment. Penny Pom Pom is excited by the world and finds inspiration to create art wherever life takes her in the form of song, dance, visual art and more! Featuring original songs like “Music is a language that we all know” and “The Whole Wide World,” her lively music is sure to get the audience singing and clapping along. Most importantly, children (and grown ups!)  will leave this experience feeling inspired to bring more creativity into their own lives. 

Format: solo, duo or trio



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