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The Penny Pom Pom YouTube Show 

Join Penny Pom Pom for episodes of her art and music based children's show! Penny spends most of her time in her studio creating artwork based on the wonders of the world around her. She is fascinated by nature, magic and encourages young artists to believe in their creative ideas. She often gets visited by her friends, Awesome Possum and Fae the Garden Faerie who stop by to learn new things or just to sing a song! Every day is a magical, artistic adventure with Penny Pom Pom. 

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The Penny Pom Pom (Live Show)

The Penny Pom Pom show is an exciting multimedia experience full of music, storytelling and magic for young kids. Penny is a colourful ball of energy who embodies creative confidence and artistic freedom. Sing and dance along to her catchy and original guitar-driven music about magic, creativity, nature, animals and the seasons. She always keeps her set list up to date with her latest releases but makes sure to include fan favourites such as “Dandelion” and “Animal for the Day.” Penny’s wish is for everyone to leave the show with a big smile, a song in their head, and a desire to share their own special magic with the world. Join along in the fun with Penny Pom Pom.

The Penny Pom Pom Holiday Show

Penny Pom Pom is a vibrant children’s musician with a magical voice and extremely catchy original songs. Her holiday themed show is full of festive favourites that children and adults will be able to sing along to. The show will also include her original, musical story of “The Penguin and the Yule Tree,” from her newest album, “Everything is Magic!,” which has quickly become a fan favourite. The Penny Pom Pom holiday show is the perfect family friendly performance to get everyone into the holiday spirit!

About the Artist: Jessica Mai

Jessica Mai is a professional musician and visual artist from Langley, BC who has a gift for connecting with children. She began her journey as a performer by singing and playing the guitar in pubs and restaurants all over Vancouver. Her original music was always bubbly and catchy. Folks would smile and say they sounded like they could be on a kids show. Jess began working with children in her early 20s as a visual art teacher and absolutely loved it. In 2019, she came up with the idea to try to write songs that were for children. She called herself Penny Pom Pom and took her songs about magic, nature and possums to the stage. Her self-produced debut album, “Believe in Your Magic '' released in August 2020 was nominated for a Canadian Folk Music award the following year. Her team received a Creative BC grant in 2021 to produce a 10-episode webseries for Penny Pom Pom which can be streamed on YouTube and on Sensical TV. The second Penny Pom Pom album “Everything is Magic,” featuring guest artists such as Will’s Jams and Charlotte Diamond, will be released on October 15, 2022. Jess is also currently in the pre-production stage of writing and illustrating the first Penny Pom Pom story book. Jess is thrilled with how many returning fans attend every live Penny Pom Pom performance. Kids bring her gifts such as flowers they’ve picked themselves or beautiful artwork. The Penny Pom Pom show has created real magic and Jess is so proud of what she has built so far.


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