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The Blues Berries perform throughout Canada spreading their love for the blues to the younger generation. Their unique approach takes children’s topics such as learning the alphabet, recycling, and bullying and blends them with bluesy beats to create educational songs that every child can get down and boogie to.


Having grown up on the blues themselves, each member of The Blues Berries hopes to give children an appreciation for the blues, both its deep-rooted history and the rich, emotional sounds of the music itself. Drawing influence from artists like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Stevie Ray Vaughan but leaving behind the traditional subject matter, The Blues Berries have created a unique hybrid of blues and children’s tunes. Their music is fresh, smart and has both parents and children diggin’ every groove.

Show Descriptions 



The Blues Berries Let’s Jam show highlights the band’s original songs for kids’ festivals and family events. The music is classic blues-rock with educational and age-appropriate lyrics that take on themes like bullying, helping your parents out around the house, and recycling – all with a healthy dose of the hokey pokey thrown in for fun! The Blues Berries’ Let’s Jam show will have the kids up dancin’ to the beat and their parents groovin’ in their seats!


The Blues Berries presents a holiday sing-a-long featuring familiar seasonal songs that have been jazzed-up, bluesed-up and rock-and-rolled-up! The kids will learn the 12-bar blues form while singing, clapping and dancing along to holiday classics. 


The History of the Blues is a power-packed show from one of Canada's best-known groups for introducing popular music to young audiences. The performance traces the history of blues with an emphasis on how it has influenced popular music. The performance tells the social and musical history of the Blues from Field Hollers to Hip Hop. Audiences can expect to hear everything from traditional field hollers to the White Stripes, Big Momma Thornton to Koko Taylor and Muddy Waters to the Sugar Hill Gang. Audiences will clap and sing call & response while learning about vital social history. They will dance along with the queen of Rock n Roll and even do the hokey pokey!

Grade Suitability: K - 12
Duration:  50-60 mins
Capacity: 500 students
Tech Requirements: two electric outlets, projector, projection screen


The Blues Berries "History of the Blues" is also available for streaming as a virtual concert on Arts IQ for teachers and schools. 

For access and pricing, visit


The Blues Rocks performance traces the history of blues with an emphasis on how it has influenced popular music styles of the past few decades. Audiences can expect to hear music from traditional field hollers to the White Stripes, Robert Johnson to Jimi Hendrix, and everything in between. Audiences will clap and sing along, learn the 12-bar blues form, and even play air guitar.

Grade Suitability: K-12
Duration:  50 mins + 10-min Q&A
Capacity: entire school


The group was fabulous. Students and teachers raved about the performance and many students have told me that they are wanting to be musicians, too. Thumbs up from the staff and the students.

—Martha Gerow, Vice Principal, Lakewood Elementary School

It was awesome… they involved the kids in their performance playing air guitars… kids were up and dancing the twist… they talked to the kids about the benefits of music… and they play Zeppelin!

—Charles Schilling, Principal, Aspen Park Elementary School

Great Show! The performers were excellent musicians, and also did a great job of involving their audience in a variety of ways. One of my teachers gave it her vote as the best performing arts group she has seen in a long time. Highly recommended!

—Cathy Anderson, Langley, School District No. 35

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