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Stéphanie Morin-Robert is a one-eyed multi-award winning multidisciplinary artist who tours to festivals, theatres and schools across the globe. Her solo show “BLINDSIDE” has captivated and delighted students, audiences and critics with its beautiful vulnerability and humour. As a graduate of Concordia’s Performance and Contemporary Dance program and a former summer camp activities director in Northern Ontario, and French immersion performance teacher for nursery and primary school in Quebec, Stephanie understands the importance of learning language and social skills through connection and play. All of these experiences have shaped her passion to perform for and collaborate with the future generation. 

Her performances and creativity have been celebrated with awards from dance, theatre, and spoken word festivals across the country, such as “Most Outstanding Production”; “Best-Cast” and “Best-Over-All Show” in London; “Most Original Work” in Ottawa;“Best-Choreography”; alongside nominations for “Best-Clown” and “Best Theatre English Production” in Montreal and “Best-Physical Theatre” in Victoria.  


Her work has been presented in some of the most prestigious theatres in the country, such as the Fredericton Playhouse (NC), Royal Manitoba Theater Center (MB), Port Theater (BC), and many more. Stephanie’s upcoming Canadian, European and American tours demonstrate her great dedication to continue sharing her work internationally.

BLINDSIDE: An Eye-Popping Comedy

Available in English or French


BLINDSIDE is an eye-opening comedy about resilience, empathy, and self-acceptance. In a feat of riveting comedy, one-eyed cancer survivor Stéphanie Morin-Robert recounts her life as a feisty 7-year-old who wields her glass-eye as a weapon. With the help of her cat, a pair of sunglasses, and an undesirable superpower, she soon discovers that she has what it takes to face her tormenting bullies at her new school and come to terms with her disability. This powerful show combines comedy, storytelling, puppetry, multimedia, and audience participation and is the show kids will be talking about all year long. This show can be modified for primary, middle and secondary school audiences.


Grade Suitability: K-12.  

Duration: 45 minutes + 15-min. Q&A

Formats: Virtual, pre-record, in-person

Capacity: entire school

"The principals at every school you visited provided very positive feedback.  They were very impressed with your delivery and presentation, as well as the important message. I was able to see the show at Shuswap Middle and when you can keep 600 middle school students focused for an hour, you know you have something special. I talked to several students and every one of them loved the performance."
—Joel Menzies, principal & performing arts coordinator, North Okanagan-Shuswap School District

Bushel and Peck Bio

"Bushel and Peck" is created and performed by Stéphanie Morin-Robert, in collaboration with Alastair Knowles, who is a Canadian Comedy award-winning artist and one half of the famous British comedy duo "James & Jamesy." With roots in physical comedy, clown, dance and, multimedia, Stephanie and Alastair's performance of "Bushel And Peck" has been celebrated for emphasizing the importance of play and the value of imagination with "Best-Choreography" and "Best-Cast" awards, as well as nominations for "Best Clown" from the Montreal Clown Festival, and the prestigious "Best Comedy" award from the Just For Laughs Festival.


"Bushel and Peck" is a show that celebrates friendship and nurtures the imagination of audiences across North America. This popular physical comedy has recently delighted audiences at the Festival Of Living Things (Kelowna BC), the Charles Bailey Theatre (Trail, BC), the Capitol Theatre (Nelson BC), the Royal Manitoba Theatre Center (Winnipeg MB), the Orlando Repertory Theatre (Orlando FL), the Waterfront Theatre (Vancouver, BC), the SH’BANG FESTIVAL (Bellingham, WA), the Metro Theatre (Victoria BC), La Chapelle Theater (Montreal QC), The Palace Theatre (London ON), and the Chinook Series at the Westbury Theatre (Edmonton AB).

Show Description

Available in English or French

Bushel won't try anything that isn't familiar. Peck charges delightfully and recklessly into the unknown. In this touching comedy about trust, empathy, companionship, and loss, bushel and peck discover that friendship can give us the courage to embrace our fears, and support us as we try new things, and hold us up when we fail or falter. “Bushel and Peck" is a show that uses comedy, puppetry, multimedia, and audience participation, to empower students to grow their empathy and build their own compassionate relationships. “Bushel and Peck” is a performance in three parts. 


Part i: a hilarious physical comedy piece that merges dance, clown, new media, and illusion.
Part ii: a true story from our childhood about resilience and self-acceptance that inspired the creation of our opening piece. 

Part iii: a behind-the-scenes show-and-tell/q&a of the digital and theatrical tools we used, such as costumes, props, green-screen, live video switcher, multi-camera setup, and lighting. 


“Bushel and Peck” will inspire your students to use their personal experiences to create and express themselves, as well as demonstrate the tools available to enhance and share their stories. Different versions of this show are available for primary, middle, and secondary school age groups.

Grade Suitability: K-12.  

Duration: 45 minutes + 15-min. Q&A

Formats: Virtual Zoom show or  pre-record

“Speak Your Truth” Storytelling and Performance Workshop

Available in English or French


Stéphanie  is known throughout the Canadian arts-community for her vibrant spirit and talent to inspire. When she was 2 years-old she lost her left eye to cancer and has had a glass eye ever since. Through her storytelling workshops, she establishes a trusting and safe environment by sharing her experiences with bullying and how she managed to work through her insecurities and come to terms with her disability. 


During this workshop, students are invited to craft and share a personal story with their classmates, while using different theatrical tools such as timing, voice, movement and comedy. This workshop focuses on building resilience, empathy and self-acceptance. 


Students will be guided through activities that will confront the inner critic, build self-awareness, promote honesty and vulnerability and, finally, celebrate creative play in a safe and supportive learning environment. Hands-on participant engagement will include story creation, exploring and embodying emotions, and honouring impulses.

Grade Suitability: K-12

Duration: Half to full-day depending on school’s needs and age groupings.

Capacity: entire school (1-2 classes per session)

Formats: Zoom workshops or in-person sessions




★ ★ ★ ★ ★
“Expert physical comedy and impeccable timing.”

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 
”Heartwarming reminder of the power of embracing what makes us unique.”
—Vue Weekly

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
”Funny, vulnerable, and sweet. Phenomenal and not to be missed!”
—Ottawa Times

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
”A crescendo of laughter”
—Theatre In London

“Everyone must see this show.”

“A warm, poignant and very funny story”
—London Free Press


“What would happen if two creative child prodigies were locked up in a nursery? The answer can be found in the original physical comedy Bushel and Peck.”
—Saskatoon Star Phoenix

“Brilliant and absurd. The perfect tonic for whatever ails your mind. The kids will love it!

—London Free Press